In the day, Fountain City was known for its antique shops. It’s exciting to see one back, and even better, it’s in a former antique shop location! Prized Possessions owner Brent Ellis has brought back the original charm and beauty of 2 South Main formerly known as The Corner Store with a multi-year renovation project.
“I started collecting several years ago, and over time my collection kept growing until I ran out of space! The opportunity at the Corner Store presented itself and I decided to take the leap of faith in starting my own business,” says Brent when asked how he started. “The Corner Store was always a beautiful building and after a few renovations it really became the perfect setting for the shop.” You can still find the original soda fountain in place lending to the ambiance of the store.
The building has quite an extensive history. It has served many businesses over the years including a printing press, pharmacy, cafe, antique shop, laundromat, and soda fountain. You can learn more about the building with a quick jaunt across the street to the Fountain City Historical Museum.
You will find more than just antiques at Prized Possessions, however. They offer a unique collection of carved furniture, home decor items, jewelry, carvings, art, and more. “We try to keep pieces fresh and look forward to bringing out some new and really fun items this year. If visitors to the shop are looking for a specific item, I am happy to search for them –  I’m always on the hunt for new pieces,” says Ellis.
Currently, they are an occasional shop, although they aim to be open most Saturdays in spring and summer. The best way to verify hours is to check the website, Facebook page, or our window sign with our next open dates. “I encourage anyone who wants to visit outside of our open hours to book an appointment from our website or Facebook page. Or call me and I would be happy to open the shop on days that I am available.”
Prized Possessions website is: and can be found on Facebook @PrizedPossessionsWI