Like many small communities in Wisconsin, Fountain City faces multiple challenges.   An aging population, difficulty in attracting families to purchase homes, empty storefronts when businesses fail or move to more lucrative areas – these make the struggle for sustainability more difficult with each passing year.  We have fallen into a pattern repeated across the state – survival, but not growth. Eventually, that will lead to a decline. Our city government works hard at making sure they are providing the services and utilities our citizens need with budgets getting tighter and tighter every year.

So what can we do? What do we, the citizens, the groups, the businesses do to help?  How can we help our community sustain and grow? We believe the answer is getting a community vested in itself. 

How do we do that? How do we build a true sense of community, foster fellowship amongst our populace? We provide opportunities for all to interact, to enjoy one another and to get to know the neighbors we see each day. 

We have seen other communities’ success in hosting free events for the public such as movies or music in the park.  Learning from their example we have decided to start our own program – Hollywood Nights.  Fountain City is fortunate to have a remarkable, historic auditorium building containing an elevated stage and ample seating room. Winter, when other activities are minimal, is the perfect time to launch!

Here, is what we envision:

  • Purchase of necessary equipment and training of staff and volunteers in proper usage 
  • Determine the exact schedule and begin publicizing through the website, social media, fliers, community boards, etc.  
  • Host our first movie night in January 2020, with a premier launch event!
  • Theme nights including costume contests 
  • Inviting local businesses to sponsor a movie night with sponsorship funds being used to continue the program 
  • Sales of beverages and snacks with profits being used to fund future events
  • Encouraging free-will offerings by attendees 
  • Asking for feedback from attendees  – movie suggestions or ways to improve the program – Ongoing with a larger evaluation process at the end of 2020
  • Explore other uses for the equipment – training opportunities, screenings of local aspiring filmmaker productions, film festivals, outdoor movies during summer (Hollywood Nights Under the Stars)

Any investment, however small, will help get Hollywood Nights off the ground!  Through sponsorship and free-will offerings, we believe that a sense of ownership by the community will grow and contribute to this program being not only successful short-term but sustainable for years to come.  We also believe that the positive experience of participating will provide the spark to launch other community initiatives. Positive experiences breed the desire for more!

Fundraising Goal : $2,875.00 To purchase portable movie screen, movie projector, projector stand, speakers, movie licensing and poster/ads development.


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