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S3439 Cole Bluff Lane, Fountain City, Wisconsin 54629
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Kinstone ~ A Modern Megalithic Garden

Come to Kinstone to enjoy the beauty and peace of this stunning sanctuary that
leaves you feeling as if you have visited an older world in a different time. We
offer tours, retreats, workshops, and even concerts! Contact us to book a tour,
retreat, wedding or other event.

Explore Wisconsin’s very own “stonehenge”! Kinstone is a modern megalithic
garden with stones weighing up to 35 tons or standing up to 23 feet tall! This awe-
inspiring 30-acre bluff-top property has over 100 standing stones including three
stone circles, megalithic dolmen, classic 7-circuit labyrinth, thatched, cordwood
chapel, dry-stack stone sculpture, straw-clay cabin, food forest, raised bed gardens
and more. There are several alignments of interest at Solstices and Equinoxes.

Expect to spend a couple of hours to see all the features. Let the Land and Nature
work their magic on you. Bring a water bottle, sunblock, insect repellent, dress for
the weather (sun hat, rain coat, umbrella, etc), wear sturdy shoes and be prepared
to walk rough and sometimes steep terrain.

Kinstone has a beautiful Education Center with a classroom, library and kitchen.
This building is available to rent for meetings, gatherings, and specialty courses and
events. This is also where we host courses, events, retreats, workshops and hands-
on learning experiences about caring for the earth, caring for people, caring for self
and giving something back when your yields are bountiful. Find more about current
offerings and events on our website.

Cost: Admission is $5/adult  $2/youth

Hours: OPEN DAILY 10am – 6pm, May through October. All other times are by
appointment only. (Closed in Winter).

Phone: 608-687-3332

S3439 Cole Bluff Lane
Fountain City, WI, 54629